Sara (M)Díaz, 1990, México.  Visual artist specialized in documentary photography projects and experimental audiovisuals media and theater of the Oppressed practices. Exhibited and published works in magazines and festivals in Barcelona, Madrid, Italy, and Estonia. Winner of NOCTURNE-fest Международный фотоконкурс, 2022. Part of the South and Central America: Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Seminar Level 1 at VII Academy, 2022. Independent researcher of ecological criticism and ecosystemic pedagogics specializing in children (0-6) years old.

(She/her) Started as a self-taught artist. Her work translates as ephemeral, and whimsical, and transmutes according to the seasons, emotions, and needs that she goes through, utilizing elements of daily life, human and nonhuman subjects- beings to explore the true relationships that exist among them and the Divine. Seeker of true emotions and feelings, as well as the destruction of structures of oppression in all its forms.

Nostalgic for archives and forgotten memories, she presents her interpretation of art for resilience in our days. As an artist, she seeks to inspire new ways of appreciating the worlds that are being, and as a mother, she seeks to find critical alternatives for raising from love.


PDC, Permaculture Design Course by Instituto Na'aalum, Vigo (2017)
Training against Islamophobia by SAFI: Stop als Fenòmens Islamòfobs a Catalunya, Barcelona (2020)
Dinamization in Forum Theatre Specialized in Intersectionality by La Xixa Teatre, Barcelona (2021),
Photography - Audiovisual Documentary Workshops at Centre Civic Pati Llimona, Barcelona (2021),
Feminist Perfomance Workshop by TeatroMovimientoCallejerx, Barcelona (2022)
Assistant Guide Montessori for Child Community 0-3 years by Montessori Canela Internacional, Barcelona (2022)
Feminist Descolonial School by Red de Migración, Género y Desarrollo, Barcelona (2022)

Achiever of Scholarship South and Central America: Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Seminar- VII Academy (2022)

Ecology of Knowledge Seminar by Campus Expandido at MUAC, México (2022)

Diploma in Expressive Arts as a tool for Social Intervention by Centro de Arteterapia Transdisciplinar, México (Current)

Montessori Guide Certification for Children House 3- 6 years by AMMAC- Asociación Montessori MX, México (Current)



Dan.zante Revista "Contingencia", México, 2023
La Cimarra Magazine "Máscaras y Semillas", Barcelona, 2021
GOODCITY.ONLINE "Good city, bad city ", Russia, 2022
NOIA Magazine "S.N" Issue 2 Reassemblage, Italy, 2022
Femlens- "Breaking the Bias",Estonia, 2022
La Cimarra Magazine  "Máscaras y Semillas",Barcelona, 2021

Una Montaña Collective Exhibition of Zapatista Art, "S.N.", Madrid, 2021
Festival ULLAL Fotografía Incisiva, "Si arrancan las flores, arrancaremos las fronteras",Barcelona, 2022
Habitar los Márgenes Collective Exhibition "El silencio no es acústico",Barcelona, 2023
Méres et Migration Collective Exhibiton "Unpaid work is still work",Brussels,2023

2ND PLACE PORTRAIT "THE RING OF SOLOMON"  NOCTURNE-fest Международный фотоконкурс
(Estonia, 2022)

IG @sara2tumama

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